After three years of unforgettable ITSMUN experiences, we, as the family of ITSMUN, decided the theme ‘’Ensuring freedom, peace and security for all’’ as our main topic this year.

Over the decades, peace and security, which are the most important problems nowadays, are trying to be ensured by United Nations, NATO and all the organizations caring for the world. However, governments are trying to improve better and better weapons to protect their own countries and be prepared for possible conflicts between governments, since centuries. Considering the lack of security in many regions such as the conflict areas in the Middle East, Africa, where war and field battles are unfortunately in question. Also, unhappily, the freedom of women in many countries is not the main topic in accomplishing peace in society and law. These are why an immediate action is in order.


Furthermore freedom, security and peace are not just governmental issues. If these terms can be ensured in every single country, in every single mind of the societies, the world sure can become a more livable and tolerable place. But still more than half of the countries are insistent on their own interests, instead of developing on sharing our beautiful world together with every single nation. This is the point, where we expect enforceable resolutions from all of you.


In order to do just that, we have chosen 5 committees in our session this year. With the 3. World War committee, you will get the chance to go to the future in order to focus on the reasons and consequences of a possible war, whilst the SOCHUM committee offers you an ambience full of fruitful debates in order to assure freedom of women, children and much more. Also, the WHO committee will give you the chance on debating the healthcare systems in countries, affecting the world’s security in many ways. Lastly, The DISEC committee would be the right committee for you, if you want to help on eliminating the threats especially nuclear and chemical weapons cause in order to ensure peace in our world. The world truly needs your help.


I am excited and impatient to see you all at ITSMUN 2019, where past and future meet.


Best regards,


Elyesa Leyla Sunay





After last years’ unforgettable ITSMUN experience whichoffered us a chance to work towards a more sustainable future and go back in time see our past and future together, as  the ITSMUN’19 team we are now back with a topic that we are even more excited to introduce you: “Ensuring freedom, peaceand security for all”.

21st Century has been a challenging century for mankind withwars, refugee crisis, agri-food sector which controlled bypoliticans and ever increasing effects of global warming. . Many researchers are worried about the world is heading for a third world war. With limitless tehcnological developments now governments have even more dangerous weponary. And there is even more: They are ready to use their most deadlyweapon: food.

In our 4 committees which are Disarmament and InternationalSecurity, Worlds Health Organisation (WHO), SocialHumanitarian and Cultural Committee and 3rd World War we aim to give the participants a remarkable opportunity to broaden their thinking about worlds important problems and create your own world war.

Last but not least we also have a very excited and legendary special committee, which has been a ITSMUN traditon for years, for all of you special fans: Star Wars Committee. You can apply to our conference as a delegation, an individualdelegate, a student officer, press member, or crisis team member. Our website provides you with all the necessary information and resources you may need, but for any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I can not wait to seeing you all. May the ITSMUN be with you.

Kindest regards,

Cansu Taşkın