Climate Change Crisis Council

In 2017, amongst the growing threat of climate change world leaders made a secret pact. Worried about the future of the planet, these leaders created a plan that might save the world, ıf climate change ever threatened to make it inhabitable. Now  its 2300, and the top scientists just determined that the earth will be sustainable for just 30 years given the current trend. And unbeknownst to the worlds 12 billion population the terms of the pact have been fulfilled. As the world leaders of 2017 determined a new international community is being formed. It is more powerful than all the world’s governments. This community has power to determine the future of the planet. Members of the community will have to respond to threats of climate change in order to save our planet from the damage humans have brought upon it.


Climate change is irreversible. The clock has passed 12 O’clock, the tropical belt has grown by 3 parallels and climate change is bringing mass destruction to our world. And this is undeniable. Normally a level 6 hurricane would occur once in every 50 years. But hurricane Harvey and Irma where barely 7 days apart. And with world leaders claiming that climate change is a hoax made up by China, the necessary action is not being taken.Take a step to a very possible future. Are you ready to save world? Climate Change Crisis Committee is ready for you.