ITSMUN will take place between April 27-30th, 2019 at İzmir Özel TAKEV Fen ve Anadolu Lisesi.

What is the procedure of ITSMUN?

ITSMUN follows the THIMUN rules of procedure.

What type of topics will be discussed in ITSMUN?

The Theme of this year’s ITSMUN has been selected as ‘’Ensuring freedom, peace and security for all”.

What is the application deadline?

12th February, 2019.

Can I apply individually?

Yes, you can apply as an individual delegate.

How can I know if my registration was successful?

You will receive an e-mail within a week after your application.

How many delegates may represent a country?

A maximum of two delegates per committee may represent a country, excluding the 3rd World War .

Will there be a dress code?

Yes. Delegates must follow the stated dress code during conference hours.

-For women: Dress, suit, dress slack of appropriate length; with a sweater, blouse; and dress shoes. No hats or caps.

-For men: Suit; a jacket and dress pants; dress shirt, tie; socks, and dress shoes. No hats or caps.

Conference badges must be worn at all times.

Delegates who do not follow the dress code may be asked to leave the session and dress appropriately.

Are there any social events?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail from our public relations team regarding the social events after the approval of your application.

Does ITSMUN provide meal and accommodation?

Details regarding meals and accommodation will be announced soon.

Will there be awards?

Yes; during the closing ceremony we will be giving the following awards for each committee: One Best Delegate, one Outstanding Delegate, one Best Position Paper and one Honourable Mention. There will also be one Best Delegation award.